I HATE Hide and Seek.

I’ve had difficulty writing on this blog for quite some time… I feel like I’m losing my voice. those old creeping thoughts… “nobody cares”…

Short and sweet is the best I can do for now.  I must remember my own quote, “Even baby steps are progress.”..  nor was Rome built in a day..  ya know??


I was 7, he was 12 when it all began.  I hate the game HIDE AND SEEK.  That simple, innocent game was the beginning of the end of me. 

“The family” says it was just “teen curiosity”.  Whas it still “curiosity” when I was 14 and he was sneeking in my bedroom window when home from VoTech at 19…  how about attacking me in my driveway, home alone with my chidren, living out in the middle of nowhere, around age 40…  The Gores’back hills’ thinking blows my mind …  Thank God it’s history….  but I will ALWAYS hate the game HIDE AND SEEK..  and I pray God heals my resentment towards that sickening clan.  With God anything is possible.  Doubt holds my hand where the Gores’ are concerned though. 

They claim HARDCORE ROMAN CATHOLIC, but it’s clear they only have one God.  He appears in the form of green paper bills.

I hate HIDE AND SEEK.  Thanks, Jason.  Appreciate that, bro.  Carry on till the payoff money runs out.  Eventually you’ll catch a charge.  That attorney sis of yours can only hold the lions back for so long.. 


One God.  One God who dishes out Karma quite generously, I believe..  You won’t be missed by KARMA.  God doesn’t make mistakes. 



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