I’m a TOYS R US kid!!

It takes work for me to “ACT LIKE AN ADULT”.  


I’m also a “Psychology Buff”, so that actually stems from some deep rooted issues I must work hard to deal with.  When I was seven, my baby brother and I were torn from our mother’s arms, LITERALLY.  I was told through my so far, 18 years of “Therapy “, that trauma caused a “mental growth condition”, “stunted maturity growth”.  It helps to understand why I am who I am.  Problem is, only I understand it …  people CAN BE judgemental and cruel…  That’s alright, we’ll try to “fix” that!  😉  The loving hearts listen carefully, friendly, understanding and supporting you in being true to you as you grow. 


Please, QUIT JUDGING PEOPLE!  It hurts really bad!!!  Apply THAT to ALL your NEIGHBORS: GAY, STRAIGHT, WHITE, BLACK, PURPLE, HOT PINK, BUGER PICKIN’,  FAT, SKINNY, IN BETWEEN, BUTT SCRATCHIN’, BAD TASTE AND FOOLISH, CUTE, NEAT, SLOPPY, FARTIN’ POORLY DRESSIN’,  but so tender and loving if you’ll chance letting them in, and possibly even giving a hand …  you see??? 




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