God found me worthy.




Jacob was a cheater,

Peter had a temper,

David had an affair,

Noah got drunk,

Jonah ran from God,

Paul was a murderer,

Gideon was insecure,

Miriam was a gossip,

Martha was a worrier,

Thomas was a doubter,

Sara was impatient,

Elijah was moody,

Moses stuttered,

Abraham was old,


And Lazarus was dead.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!”


No matter where you are in your life with God,

HE is qualifying you for his service because you are CALLED.

He can help you overcome the mistakes you have made,

and even use them to help others. Just allow Him to use you.

In God’s Love and Grace,

♥ Rev. Lei ♥

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✾11:11 Street Ministry with Rev. Lei Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

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baby owl WALL ART

~~~About Rev. Lei~~~

Ordained Non Denominational Minister

January 11th, 2012

Universal Life Church Monastery

Author of Giggles, Satin & Tear Drops

Lail Ann Haynes

My ministry, 11:11 STREET MINISTRY, is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but is rapidly expanding WORLD WIDE as many ministers are choosing to join in my aspirations to heal hearts and strive for Universal Oneness. Love lives here.

Mission: To love and serve God with all my heart, for every single day, throughout ETERNITY. ♥ Rev. Lei ♥

Rev Lei

Description “Lail Ann Haynes is a native Oklahoman and an Ordained Non Denominational Minister, the “Mother Teresa” of sorts in today’s modern world. Lail’s journey has been anything but easy. She survived severe trauma, first memory at only three years of age, and prolonged severe stress non-stop until December 27th of 2011, which resulted in a new battle, Autoimmune Disease. Lail leads others in raising awareness for all “Invisible Illnesses” devastating more lives every day. She also is an avid supporter of RAINN, RAPE ABUSE AND INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK. RAINN is very dear to her because of her own war to overcome a vicious family cycle that resulted in her being incestuously raped over the span of 31 years, finally escaping the family secrets and violence in May of 2011 after the final attempted rape by her older, adopted brother., late in the Spring before. Lail is dedicated to spending the rest of her life helping others to “find their voice”, regardless of the cost to her personally. As her health allows, Lail volunteers providing crisis care for both rape victims and as a Suicide Prevention Specialist in Oklahoma City. She has some very special gifts from God that better the lives of both humans and animals alike who encounter Lail.

Aside from being a Personal Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Healer for all ages, she is a humanitarian, activist, motivational speaker, artist, freelance writer and aspiring author. Lail serves on the board for Pets 4 People, a blessing of a non-profit in Denver, Colorado. Rev. Lei is also the Spiritual Advisor for the Denver Holistic Center, providing many services for the beautiful center founded by Teresa Garcia.

Pets 4 People / D.H.C.

God has literally saved many lives working through Lail’s gift of empathic healing, as well as other psychic abilities. Those who are blessed to know Lail Ann Haynes always know they have a true friend they can come to and trust in a way unheard of in this day and age.


Lail’s MINISTRY, 11:11 STREET MINISTRY, is her dream she never even knew lived in her heart. Like so many survivors of incestuous rape, in addition to five years of severe Domestic Abuse, she never found herself worthy of much at all, especially LOVE. God saved Lail’s life, fought for her, then with all Love and Divinity, called Lail Ann Haynes to be ordained. On January 11th, 2012, Lail became known as REVEREND LEI, an earth angel giving her life completely to God, eager to serve him in anyway he guides her to love, minister and heal.

Lail says, “My life will never be the same. God literally came down and personally saved my life while in Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital,

my abbie girl

praying to God to grant me a miracle and not take my oldest daughter to Heaven so soon. He began healing her and loving me through the terrible sins and removing all the deathly Fear that bound me. He washed my soul clean, completely Divinely pure, and re-created me to be the Godly woman to deliver his love, that woman from the beginning God intended me to be.

There has been a Divine unequivocal change in my heart and a beautiful birth of an angelic, preaching, purely love, Reverend and human being. God is all I need, and he keeps my heart full of love to share with all who are accepting. I’m eternally grateful for our beautiful Creator, who saw me worthy of doing his Ministering, Preaching, Lightwork and humanitarian good deeds. Everything I do, I first look to Him for guidance, then share his love with every touch I place on humanity. Reverend Lei translates to: ONE TO BE RESPECTED IN DIVINE FRIENDSHIP. I’m proud to be chosen to serve our God, and I will always do my best to fulfill requests through The Almighty. God bless your precious soul. ♥ Rev. Lail Ann Haynes ♥”

****************************** ********************************

”You can love every single person in this world, through The Almighty. That does not mean you have to like them, nor involve toxic people in your life. Wisdom is a priceless blessing. Use it wisely” ♥Lail Ann Haynes ♥

prayer warrior


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