Pick your bed and battles wisely.

very anxious to get past that last post….  Time to move on.

I remember one of the most painful statements ever said to me like it happened yesterday,

“You made your bed, now lie in it.”

Still hurts hearing those words echo in my mind…

I was 21 years old, back in college, and pregnant with my second child.  I had ended up in an extremely abusive marriage to my now very ex-husband, Scott. I had gone to my family for help because I couldn’t imagine bringing another child into that situation. God is the only reason I have my amazing son today.

God is the only reason I am alive.

Well, Gail was right to say that to me. Three years prior at the way too young age of 18, I had dropped out of a very private, exclusive, extremely expensive school and thrown a quickly growing modeling career in the trash without a second thought to marry a military man I hardly knew. I was madly in “puppy love” with a man I thought was my “Knight In Shining Armour”,   In pursuit of my fairy tale life, eager to start my own family, I fell into the arms of a man who would mentally, physically and sexual abuse me for over five years until I could find a way to escape.

It was cruel what my grandfather who raised me did, but because I got out of that marriage on my own, I know now there isn’t anything that I am not capable of doing if I set my mind to it and want it with all my heart.

You can too, but….

Pick both your bed and your battles wisely. 😉

“You can’t control the people around you, but you certainly can control who you decide to be around. The same is true for the situations you choose to remain engaged in. The key to ending these situations is not in changing the behavior of other people ― the solution is actually within you.

When you find yourself continuously interacting in dissatisfying situations, examine your motivations for remaining engaged in them; the reasons may surprise you. Then focus your attention on the one thing that IS under your control: The power to choose what you will and will not tolerate. ”

¤A. Irvin @ Chrysalides¤

I spent many years running from one nightmare to another.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Find out the pain inside of you now,

why you do what you do.

Face your demons,

conquer them,

and trust God’s ability to heal.



Rise up like a skyscraper!


“Ultimately, the only one who can defeat you is YOU.”

-Lail Ann Haynes


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