A Writer’s Refusal to Remain Ashamed

I just want to share the ability to do the impossible with everyone on my page.  This is my beautiful and amazing friend, El.  She is also a fellow Sexual Abuse survivor, thriver and warrior.  El is one of my heroes, and I do not have many.  She is a true example of strength, courage and love.  I want to share with you the message I left for my friend on her blog after she broke the deadly chains of silence that only empower abusers and exposed a secret that ultimately destroys so many victims of incestuous rape.  God is so obviously working through this amazing woman.

“El,  I am so proud of you. You give courage to a world of people. Like I told you in private, I will say loud for everyone to hear. You are one of my heroes, and I don’t have many. I am so thankful for you and what you are doing to make our world a better place. Silence can be deadly, eating us up with guilt and shame. Silence only empowers abusers, and we both know those sick bastards love power. The beauty of what you are doing is you are speaking for all those who have not yet found their voice. You are showing that what seems impossible in their minds is very possible. You are amazing! I love you, my sweet, beautiful friend. Keep breaking those chains for everyone. Much love always. xo”

I suggest you take the time to read every post from both of our blogs as you can.  They are complex stories on a very painful and complex issue.  Help spread awareness if you are willing by sharing with the people you know.  So many never tell.  Help us spread awareness.   Thank you to all and know you are capable of overcoming any obstacle that presents itself before you.  

xo Lail Ann Haynes

Please click this link —> A Writer’s Refusal to Remain Ashamed.

El Farris

El Farris

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2 responses to “A Writer’s Refusal to Remain Ashamed

  1. I love you dear friend. Together, and with the help of many, we will make the world better. I believe that.

    • “In this world and the world of tomorrow, we must go forward together or not at all.”
      ― Hillary Rodham Clinton, Living History

      Thought this fit perfectly. Love you. ❤

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