UNFAITHFUL decides to share….


I feel every word as Rihanna sings…  Heaviness fills my heart…  


“Anybody who says it is impossible to be in love with more than one person has no idea the power of love.”  

~ ❤ ~Lail Ann Haynes~ ❤ ~


 by Lail Ann Haynes

Affairs are not always physical.  The most difficult affair is the affair of the heart…  Falling in love is not something planned.  So many of us have found ourselves falling head over heels at the most inconvenient time when we are not looking for that deep emotional connection at all.  We always tell that single friend that love will happen when they least expect it.  Well, never say never.  It happens to married people too….

That affair of the heart may happen completely innocently.  Many end up getting themselves into that painful, confusing position in the work place.  I think the way it happens is many actually spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their spouse.  It also happens more time than not in friendship…  Many people are more connected to their friend at so many times throughout life than they are to their spouse, especially during the most trying times that strain a marriage.  Who do we turn to for comfort when that loneliness in a marriage sets in? When we feel our spouse doesn’t care or doesn’t understand?   …  our friends.  Nobody wins when this happens.  No matter how it works out, NOBODY WINS.

Morals….  Oh, don’t think it doesn’t hurt the unloyal, even if the affair is never physical.  The person in the middle constantly beats them self up…  They feel miserable that they can’t control their emotions.  They feel lost because they never expected it to happen to them.  Not everybody who ends up in this situation is a hurtful, calculating player.  Be careful to judge others because just when you do, it could happen to you.  You can’t judge what you haven’t lived.  Life always has a way of proving you wrong…  ❤



I can’t get you out of my mind…

I want to feel your body next to mine…

All I need is to look deep into your eyes…

The thought of you consumes me all the time…

Desire and longing have locked me in their embrace…

I need to feel your arms around my waist…

I long for your tenderness,

I long for your touch…

I long to be together,

I long for that rush…

I know it’s wrong,

I feel deceitful and lost…

Even when you pull away,

My mind can’t help but stray,

Without you,

I feel lost…


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