Meet a new one already: TEAR DROPS very best friend, STRENGTH.


The philosophy I demand to live by is “Let your past make you BETTER, not BITTER.”. I believe a person can apply this same philosophy to people: ( “Let the people who have hurt you make you BETTER, not BITTER. Don’t continue to GIVE them power in your life.” ~Lail Ann Haynes ). We gain wisdom from every single thing we experience if we pay attention, accept what has happened, obtain control, and don’t victimize ourselves. We are capable of so much more than we ourselves realize. What we become and how much we grow depends on the amount of effort we consistently put into our lives. The people we admire most, the ones we go to for information and guidance, are so very far from lazy. They consistently are studying and learning. Growth is a must in their lives. They do not follow the crowd, they are leaders. Sometimes it is a lonely life they live by choice. These experts dedicate their life to helping others become the best they can be. They don’t flaunt their abilities and gifts, they remain humble to the end. I classify them as “THE ELITE”. Integrity and character are of the utmost importance to “THE ELITE”. They don’t worry about putting a price on their work. “THE ELITE” serve for the greater good and are rewarded regardless. Quitting is NOT an option and neither is laziness. That’s quite a chore and responsibility isn’t it? “THE ELITE” give neither a second thought, they expect hard work as a given in life. My perspective is “THE ELITE” are the walking, talking, breathing definition of SUCCESS! They are heroes. How many “ELITE” people do YOU know? Maybe YOU are ELITE as well…



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