Hi, I’m LUCKY. ;)


Boy, I’m feeling really thankful not to have an ounce of that JEALOUSY thing in me! That must come as a benefit of being raised by Gail, my hard as stone/strict living grandfather. He beat every ounce and possibility of even thinking of being jealous out of me from third grade when I remember my first and only jealous feeling. He was mean as hell and never failed to get his point across, that I remember… until i turned 18, that is, heehee! 😀 God rest his soul,,,, As a result of being raised in “Gail’s world”, when I see someone get or achieve something I want myself, I do a HAPPY DANCE they got it and it just gives me that much more FAITH I can get it too if I persist. Quite a “unique” one I am, huh? Heehee! You can give quite a bit of credit to Gail.


I once perceived those beatings as tragic. Now I realize they were a blessing that came in disguise. They made me tough, they showed me I was capable of overcoming, and that man taught me exactly how I DID NOT want to discipline and treat my own children. We gain wisdom from EVERY experience in life if we open our mind and are willing to learn. I took the good I learned from Gail and use it every single day. The rest I chalk up to wisdom and experience and toss it out the door of life. It’s all up to us what we decide to hang onto and how we choose to handle circumstances in life. Look hard! You may see so many BLESSINGS THAT HAVE COME TO YOU IN DISGUISE. 😉



September 16, 1920 – May 4, 2004



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