A comment made by a reader of GIGGLES SATIN & TEARDROPS:

As a new blog in the building stages, I expect the unexpected.  I never expected such a supportive and encouraging comment RIGHT OFF THE BAT!  My glass was below half empty, I expected HATE and tons of  it!!!  F.V.H. is the woman who wrote me.  I wanted to share the conversation with my readers just in case they need to understand better too.  I hope this helps.  ~ ❤ ~ Lail Ann Haynes ~ ❤ ~

COMMENT ON FB:  “I’m not sure where your going with this…..but I’m slow like that. I would like to say that….I relate to you although my journey getting here was different. I can’t say that for many friend and a couple of family members. knowing that you’ve been a blessing in positive ways…I show your writings to people I think will benifit from it. You have overcome so much in the short years you’ve lived. I know you’ll be a blessing and help others rise above being a product of circumstances, or their environment. Keep doing what your doing….if it helps you its worth it…but I know you’ve help others…even myself. Thank you and God Bless You.” ~ F.V.H. (I only put initials to protect her privacy.)
Lail Ann Haynes:   Thank you, “F”, for the absolutely uplifting and beautiful compliment. The entire blog is to help survivors/thrivers not live in shame. I put myself out there to be hated  as “an expert example”. What the world considers as “taboo”, was our normal for most of our lives. We had to learn what was actually wrong on our own because we were never taught, rather molded into a sex object to satisfy predator(s). Love to you always, my friend. You are a beautiful, strong, courageous woman. ♥
~ ❤ ~ MEET LAIL ~ ❤ ~
AGE 35
and so much more….

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