A little poem by this blogs author:

Her Secret Truth
by Lail Ann Haynes

The whispers she shared
Were a breath of fresh air.
She was the only one
Who ever really cared.

She said you were worth it
Only kindness she spoke.
She giggled and clapped
When she told a joke.

Her hair was long
Her figure slim.
Though she could care less
What anyone thought of them.

She danced on moonlight
With a silent smile.
She held your hand
For quite awhile.

She gently whispered
Her inner fears.
She became totally vulnerable
As she shed those tears.

The smile came back
As she lifted her head.
Strength and hope
Are so easily misread…

Silent torcher
Where the secrets she kept.
When nobody was watching
She quietly wept.

The ones who were supposed to
Love and cherish her,
Went on with smiling
Because they never were…

The world watched her smile
They never knew,
The silence would kill her,
They had no clue…

She grabbed your hand
And walked on awhile.
You wondered when
She would lose that smile.

The secrets she told
You hid so well.
The lies they said
The world would so eagerly tell..

She lived an outcast
For 40 years.
The secrets you kept
Were all her fears.

So many got hurt
Because she gave up the fight.
She had hoped the world
Would make it right…

The day she passed
Not one other soul knew,
The girl with the smile
Felt so blue….


2 responses to “A little poem by this blogs author:

  1. It touched you with Divine embrace only to realize that she hurt so bad,that they never saw her with there heart ,just with there eyes,,,they saw her giggle,not knowing that those giggles hid hurt inside,,,but out side was a mask,,so only very few knew What she was really going through,,,,,hidden hurt ,behind a mask,,,

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